Friday, January 13, 2017




( Makes about 6 dozen squares of 2,5 x 2,5 cm )

165 g  Butter
75 ml  Syrup ( 100g )
1 tin  Condensed milk ( 397 g )
325 ml  boiling milk
1,2 kg  Sugar
140 g  Flour
2 ml Cream of tartar
5 ml Vanilla extract

Melt the butter and syrup in a heave based pot over low heat.

Add the condensed- and boiling milk to the mixture.

Combine the sugar and the flour and add it to the condensed milk mixture.

Mix continuously over low heat until it starts to boil.

Add the cream of tartar as soon as it starts to boil.

Cook for a further 25 min until it reaches the softball stadium over low heat stirring constantly to prevent it from burning.

Remove from the heat and add the vanilla extract.

Use either a wooden spoon or an electric mixer and beat until the mixture starts to firm up slightly.

Pour into a greased or lined pan ( not smaller than 18 x 28 x 3 cm ) even the surface.

Cut into squares before the fudge sets completely.




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